The ROYAL ORDER OF THE RED SQUIRREL CLUB (R.O.O.T.R.S.C.) was founded in 2010 by President Dave and VP Harley for the sole purpose of helping local taverns stay afloat. Headquartered at President Dave’s house on White Potato Lake, the Red Squirrels have expanded their mission through the years to include group picnics, pontoon tie-ups, bus trip bar hops, community service, and charitable donations.



+ You must be male and at least 21 years of age (women are allowed to bring dishes to pass)

+ There will be no dues

+ All meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month

+ All Members will bring their own drinks to the meeting

+ Red Squirrel t-shirts are available to all members at club cost

+ The club will have the following officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary